Godalming Beer Festival

Beer Cooler Hire

One of our Lindr beer coolers can serve two different kegged products without the need for additional gas or water, meaning you can quickly set up to serve your guests their favourite lager, craft beer or cider.

These coolers work brilliantly with key-kegs, or traditional kegs, meaning you can serve any product you like easily and without any fuss.

These coolers are ready to serve in 10 minutes, and we can help with any set-up required, leaving you ready to enjoy your party.

  • Two taps dispensing two different beverages
  • Up to 320 perfectly chilled draught pints per hour
  • Built in compressor – no need for a CO2 canister* (CO2 can be used with additional equipment)
  • Rapid chiller, start pouring within 10 minutes of switching on
  • Environmentally friendlier gas and lower energy consumption

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